Our History


Let us go back in time a bit

In 1992 Winson Insurance Consultants was established in Hong Kong as an insurance company and enjoyed great success helping the local Hong Kong market with their insurance needs. The business then grew exponentially and was registered among the first 100 members of the HKCIB, the local regulator and with the passage of time, we became what we are today, a reputable wealth management and private finance firm.

We have built our business on reputation, great service and the ability to deliver consistent returns for our clients. Over the past three decades, we have developed a varied portfolio of products and funds that we can offer our clients including investment property in some of the world’s most exciting growth markets. We work with some of the best money managers and institutions in the world and we are able to create specialized investment funds and offer tax efficient investment vehicles. Some of these funds offer our clients capital guarantees and fixed returns of 10% plus per annum.

We have been fortunate enough to witness and be a part of Hong Kong’s evolution from a small British colony into a global financial center. We believe we are among the most technologically advanced and cloud adapted financial services firms in the region and our growth will be led by our networks, people, and technology alike. We are very proud of our growth and as we continue to expand, we are confident our business ethics and high levels of client service will help us to become one of the biggest companies in our industry.

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