Protection Planning

Protection Planning

Keep The Most Important People In Your Life Protected

Secure Your Family's Financial Future.

In life there can be many uncertainties, unknowns and concerns especially when it comes to fiscal matters. These things can pop up when you are least expecting them and that’s why we believe that the implementation of a robust wealth protection strategy is equally as important as wealth creation.

Your financial consultant will firstly make a full assessment of your current situation looking at any provisions you may already have in place as well as any liabilities including mortgages or debt. We would then assess your needs, taking into account what would happen if you were unable to work or if you were to die unexpectedly. How much money would you need to leave for your family?

Once we have completed our full assessment, we will search the protection market for relevant solutions and advise you on the appropriate levels of cover and product mix including life insurance, critical illness cover, trusts and estate planning. We will ensure your suitability for any product advice based upon your current circumstances, and it is also our aim at Winson Insurance Consultants to ensure that your consultant regularly reviews your protection needs and advises you accordingly on any changes that need to be made.



Combined Approach

Ideally, for the best results and service, Winson Insurance Consultants’ Financial Planning Service should be combined with our expert portfolio management. This ensures that we can not only help you to build a plan to reach your financial goals, but we can also help you to realise the investment performance that is necessary to reach those goals and make the necessary changes to your investment strategy when the perfect time arises.